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5 Interview Mistakes That You Shouldn't Make
Interviews are an important step in the job search process, and it's crucial to make a good impression. Here are five interview mistakes that you shouldn't make.
Arriving Late
Being on time for an interview is crucial, and arriving late is a sign of irresponsibility. Interviewers will take this behaviour and assume that you will be late for the job.
Inappropriate Attire
Wearing inappropriate clothing to an interview could give employers the impression that you do not prioritize dressing professionally for the job and this suggests a lack of professionalism.
Speaking Negatively About Former Employers
Speaking negatively about previous employers during an interview reflects poorly on your professional image and can decrease your chances of being hired.
    Body Language
    Certain types of body language can lead the interviewers to misunderstand your personality.
    (Eg: Slouching, Crossing your arms, Fidgeting, Avoiding eye contact)
    These behaviors may signal to the interviewer that you are not confident in your abilities.
    Displaying Low Energy
    Displaying low energy at an interview can get mistaken as a lack of enthusiasm or interest in the job. If you come across as unenthusiastic, it may give the impression that you are not motivated to get the job.
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