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Applying for Contract Jobs in Singapore? Here's What You Need To Know
Job searching is never easy. It requires you to have perseverance, confidence, and the ability to handle uncertainty and stress. However, there are many ways you can effectively pursue the search for your next position. For example, you could map out your search plan by listing down your target companies, job designation, preferred salary rate, and other relevant details.

Another thing you should carefully consider is the type of job employment you prefer. After all, you have to select a job that is compatible with your schedule. There are many types of job opportunities available, with one of them being contract jobs. Applying for a contract job not only provides additional experience, but also gives you more control over your schedule.

If you're looking for contract jobs in Singapore, FastJobs is the way to go. You can browse our website for job openings that could fit your requirements. You can also download our mobile application for easy access anytime and anywhere.

What Are Contract Jobs in Singapore?
A contract job is a type of employment where an employee works for an organisation for a set period and has a set of predetermined duties and responsibilities. The payment for the contract worker can either be predetermined or paid before, during, or after they have completed the job.

A contract job can last from a few days to months. It can even be longer than that, depending on the given role and the company you are working for. This usually happens if you're a contract worker taking up a company project with an extended deadline.
How Do Contract Jobs in Singapore Differ From Other Types of Employment?
Apart from contract jobs in Singapore, you can also consider other employment arrangements, such as permanent, temporary, and part-time positions. Here's how they all differ from one another:
Permanent Job vs. Contract Job

A permanent job, also known as a full-time job, is an employment type where the employee completes their assigned work daily. This is because they follow a specific work schedule and job function regularly.

In addition, an employee under this arrangement is considered an internal part of the company because they can make decisions that guide their work. They also receive regular compensation based on their prior experience and work history.

However, taking up a permanent position in a company limits the flexibility of your schedule, unlike contract jobs. So, if you prioritise flexibility, you should consider applying for contract jobs. This gives you the autonomy to choose the projects you want to take on and the freedom to work for multiple companies.

Part-Time Job vs. Contract Job

Business owners hire part-time employees to complete their duties for time periods less than the required full-time hours. This means that they have fewer days per working week, which is a total of less than 30 working hours, and get paid on an hourly basis.

On the other hand, contract jobs are slightly different in that workers could be reporting to work full-time, for a limited period of time (e.g. 3 months), depending on their contract.

If you're still thinking about whether or not you should apply for contract jobs in Singapore, you can consult with FastJobs. Our team would be more than happy to assist you. We also offer various resources that you can read through to determine whether you should push through with your application.

Benefits of Having Contract Jobs in Singapore
Earn Money While Looking for a Permanent Job
If you're worried about financial security and health insurance and still don't have a permanent job, you can consider applying for contract employment. Despite them being short term, you can simultaneously earn money while applying for permanent job openings.

Another upside of contract jobs is that you can build your network within the industry which can be useful to get a job.
Save Funds for Your Future Expenses
A contract job can provide an additional stream of income that can be used to allot for extra expenses. If you often find yourself being short on savings to pay for monthly down payments despite having a permanent job, considering a contract job may be right for you.
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