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Career Switch Tips with Lalamove:
Joining the logistics industry
One of the most resilient industries during COVID-19 has turned out to be Logistics. As more of us shop online, the demand for workers in this industry has increased. There are many roles such as drivers, supervisors, warehouse assistants, schedulers and planners.

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Highlight analytical & meticulous qualities
Although easier said than done, these attributes can be cultivated and developed. The logistics industry favours employees who are able to analyze things from different perspectives and are quick problem solvers.

No, you won't need to be a mathematician to work in logistics, but being able to quickly and accurately calculate could go a long way. Due to the precise nature of logistics, employers in logistic companies are looking for candidates who are meticulous when it comes to numbers.

As such, these are important skills to highlight in your resume if you are applying for a job in logistics.
Coming from an economics background, being analytical of data was very important and that correlates well to the skillset in operations and logistics Having an analytical and methodical approach to operations helped me overcome initial challenges when I made the career switch into logistics.
Alex Lin
Managing Director - Lalamove Singapore
Enroll in logistics courses
Being educated in the field that you wish to pursue is always going to be helpful in landing you the job. Luckily, there are a few courses catered to working adults looking to join the logistics industry.
SkillsFuture Skills Framework for Logistics

It is for individuals who wish to join or progress within the Logistics sector, to assess their career interest, identify relevant training programmes to upgrade their skills and prepare for the desired job roles.

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Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management

This Executive Certificate course equips students with the knowledge and practices of an integrated approach towards logistics operations in an organisation.

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Show resilience
The logistics industry is one that grows quickly and is never set in its ways. Logistics grows with technology and is always looking for ways to expand and improve efficiency in operations. As such, employees who show resilience and the ability to adapt to changes are able to thrive in the logistics world.
In our interviews, we usually try to find out about how candidates face their challenges and how they were able to find a solution. It's important to us that our employees are able to overcome challenges and stay resilient through changes and unforeseen circumstances that may arise.
Shernice Yeo
People Operations Manager at Lalamove
Understand the happenings in Supply Chain
Having some knowledge of what's happening in the world of logistics can give you an edge over other candidates that may not have done their research. To start, you can read up and get updates from http://www.supplychaindigital.com/, which will help you stay in the loop with the latest technologies and news surrounding logistics.

If you're interviewing for a position in logistics, be sure to do adequate research on the company you're interviewing for. Understand their logistics practices and find out what are their strengths.
Build your
interpersonal skills
When we think about logistics, we usually don't imagine much talking or communication between people. However, that is far from the truth.

Logistics is a group effort and being able to communicate effectively with your team will make processes far easier to understand. Smooth operations only happen when communication is effective and clear, thus it is important to build up your ability to communicate with others.
I really enjoy getting my hands dirty, talking to people and being on the ground as an operations manager. Although I came from an accounting background, switching to operations as a career allowed me to improve my communication further. There's much more communication than most people would expect, and it is important to be able to communicate well in your team.
Javier Wong
Driver Operations Manager at Lalamove
Passion in Profession
Speaking to Lalamove, one of the traits that they look for most in their employees is passion. Having the right attitude towards your job can be the defining factor in how successful your career switch can be.

Showing employers that you want to learn, improve, and grow with a company can separate you from other candidates who lack the drive and motivation. Be sure to highlight your strengths in a tactful manner and remember to do your research on the company that you are interested in.
Inspired to join logistics?
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