CARE Singapore's new programme:
CARE Singapore exists to help vulnerable young people find direction, hope and success. They employ a multi-dimensional approach that engages and empowers youths, schools, families, and communities. Established in 1997 and appointed by NCSS as one of the three Centres of Specialisation, CARE Singapore excels in utilizing strengths-based approaches in designing programmes for youths. We have also been appointed as the SG Cares Volunteer Centre for Pasir Ris.

A free wellbeing mentoring programme for youths
Introducing the new programme:
X-CITE is a free wellbeing mentoring program to designed to help youth mentees build skills that lead to a happy and meaningful life. If you want to learn skills to improve your mental resilience, want some guidance with careers/school, or are experiencing stressors, our trained wellbeing mentors come from a variety of professional backgrounds, from banking and finance, healthcare, to arts and design. They are skilled in facilitating an evidence-based wellbeing program. Mentoring will be done in small-group settings of 2 trained mentors with 4-5 youth mentees, meeting once a month, over 9 sessions. They are funded in part by the National Youth Council and J&J Foundation.
What CARE Singapore does:
CARE Singapore offers services such as counselling programs that provide emotional support, as well as school initiatives and mentoring programs designed for positive youth development and mental wellness. Additionally, we also hold workshops to train teachers, youth-workers, and other social-service practitioners to inculcate in them the knowledge and skills to better deal and work with youths.
How CARE Singapore is helping youths in Singapore
CARE organises school and mentoring programs, counselling services and their online service, Hear4U. These platforms not only serve as avenues for individuals to cultivate self-development skills, but they also provide a safe space for individuals to share about their problems, seek advice, receive emotional support, or simply find a listening ear.
Youths, embark on this journey with CARE Singapore now!
Register before end June 2023.
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