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An insider's Look into the Delivery Scene

Interested to join the delivery industry in Singapore?

Here's a peek into the sector.

During the height of the pandemic, frontline workers earned the respect of all Singaporeans.
Other than healthcare workers that first come to mind, riders, drivers and delivery personnel are among those that remained working to ensure that the rest of us could be safe in the comfort of our homes.
With the flexibility of these riders, drivers and delivery jobs, many are considering joining this industry for the extra side income.
Here at FastJobs, we offer a multitude of exciting job titles with a variety of job perks you'll be interested in, alongside with attractive compensations. If you are thinking hard about joining yet worried that you don't have a means of transport don't worry as we have many employers who have transport covered!

The growth of delivery
With the pandemic, the demand for deliveries has risen sharply across all domains. Imagine a consumer like you and I who has gotten used to the luxury of staying home and a world of convenience and e-shopping, on top of regular food deliveries. This causes an increasing demand for transport services, where companies need workers to deliver goods to their customers. Delivery services compose a wide variety of items including and not limited to - Medical furniture, Frozen food, Raw Materials, Consumer Goods, Electrical Materials. This provides a gateway of opportunities way beyond the dimension of food delivery if you are considering a change of career or trying something new.
Top Tips in
Acing the delivery job
Being efficient on the job
Familiarizing your route and planning ahead of time sounds like a no-brainer but it's definitely a professional skill to have and a differentiator between a seasoned and a new driver. Since drivers make numerous stops a day, a few minutes delayed at each pitstop becomes a cumulative time-consuming event altogether which results in one failing to keep up to speed.
Hence, it's important to strategize to ensure maximum efficiency!
Mastery of the route and the tech

  • Navigation of your route
As newer districts may be confusing to a new joiner, check out with the seasoned pros on what visual cues you should look out for especially for obscure looking addresses.

  • Plan the route before you start the journey!
Blindly following your tech-google maps which at times fail without some sense often results in you wasting time and effort altogether. It is therefore important to strategise! For example, if you're unloading and loading goods into a vehicle, you should load the items into the vehicle in the manner of their stops. One can also choose to label them accordingly to stop 1,2,3 to prevent confusion. This effectively eliminates the rummaging time required or being flustered in the paperwork process involved in handing over the goods.
Customer Service is part of the job
Contrary to the thinking of only the salesman having to look the part, you are the final piece of the journey which the customer faces, so looking professional and acting like one is also as important! Treat your route as if it was your own and tending to the boxes as if you were the own who packaged it because you are more than a mere messenger!
Keeping safe at all times
Most importantly, as a driver on the route road, personal safety and driving safely is paramount. Refreshing the common catchphrase: "look, stop, go", safety road instincts are important as well as being highly aware of your surroundings at all times even in the face of tight deadlines. While we cannot predict the future, we can prepare ourselves for challenging scenarios.

Take for example for drivers on Class 2A vehicles or those involved in unloading and loading, being prepared for the rain is extremely important. A light waterproof jacket stowed goes a long way and has a real impact of efficiency and the workers' health and happiness.
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