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Congratulations To Our Award Winners
The inaugural FastJobs' Employer Awards celebrates the best-performing employers in their recruitment efforts for non-executive roles. We have identified 5 award categories based on the analytics tracked on the FastJobs platform to recognise them in this programme.

Most Popular Employer Award 2022
With more than 270K job postings in 2022, hiring in the non-executive segment is highly competitive. To be successful, recruiters have to make sure their employer branding is on point, their jobs are attractive and they're extremely responsive to jobseekers… and be consistent about it! These are the Top 10 Most Popular Employers:
Most Popular New Employer Award 2022
With almost 5000 new companies on FastJobs in 2022, these finalists stood out with their outstanding performance. They garnered attention from jobseekers in a highly competitive environment and attracted the most applicants across a variety of roles. These are the new companies on FastJobs that were most popular with our jobseekers.
Most Popular Recruitment Agencies Award 2022
We know that job seekers prefer reaching out to Direct Employers and so Recruitment Agencies face an uphill battle and race against time to fill their vacancies. Yet, these 3 agencies stood out in their ability to garner consistently strong results in using FastJobs to hire.
Most Responsive Employer Award 2022
In the non-executive hiring space, time is of the essence. Jobseekers want response and FastJobs makes it easy for employers to classify the applications they receive. As engagement champions, these employers stood out for their consistency in updating the statuses of the candidates (shortlisted/rejected/hired), across large volumes of applicants.
Best Employer Branding Award 2022
How does a business stand out among the competition? Employer branding is how! These finalists have been consistent, thoughtful and their campaigns have performed well with jobseekers on FastJobs.
1st: Amazon Singapore
2nd: Certis Group
3rd: Fairprice Group

Certificate Of Recognition (in no particular order) :
- Mark & Spencer
Mexican Food Corp Pte Ltd
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