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Everything You Need to Know About Jobs for Singaporeans
According to recent statistics, there are about 124,000 unemployed residents in Singapore. The reasons behind unemployment vary and may depend on the specific location. However, there are general reasons, too, such as not having proper certification or education to land a job.

Second, there is cyclical unemployment, which pertains to unemployment caused by the economy's fluctuating demand. And lastly, there is structural unemployment, which is unemployment due to industrial reorganization driven by technological advancements.

To continuously reduce the number of unemployed residents, more and more businesses are being opened to offer jobs for Singaporeans. Furthermore, Singapore is still considered a thriving country that can provide opportunities and benefits to Singaporeans and foreigners who wish to work here.

If you are a resident in Singapore who is currently seeking job opportunities, FastJobs has you covered. We can easily connect non-executive job seekers to reliable employers in just a few taps. On top of that, we offer more than 1,000 latest jobs, so you can cherry-pick the ones you are interested in applying for.
Why Do People Want to Apply for Jobs in Singapore?
Singapore is a first-world country, which means people lead generally comfortable lives. As a developed nation, it is highly industrialised, has a low poverty rate, and people have access to modern resources and infrastructure.

Knowing this, even non-Singaporeans are being encouraged to seek jobs in Singapore. They are willing to undergo rigorous employment processes and different working visa applications to get an employment pass, S pass, or dependent pass. As for residents, it is easy enough for them to land Singaporean only jobs since they have fewer competitors for the exclusive positions usually offered by the government and other public institutions.

Besides the obvious fact that this country ranks second as the most globalised economy in the world, here are more reasons why people want to apply for jobs in Singapore:
High Salary
Since Singapore's economy is booming, business owners are eager to expand their workforce. They offer top salaries and enticing benefits packages for both Singaporean-only jobs and Singapore jobs for foreigners. Through this, they can attract highly skilled workers and talents from all over the world.

The most lucrative job positions are commonly found in the fields of medicine, logistics, marketing, and engineering.
Progressive Personal Tax System
Calculating and paying your tax in Singapore is not that complicated. Once you have the complete documents, it usually takes 30 seconds to submit your tax return online using their website called myTax Portal.
Ease of Acquiring a Work Permit
With only five million residents, Singapore is actively hiring foreigners, and they have made it easy for people to acquire a work permit. Once you have a job offer, you can simply apply through their website and know the outcome in one day. You don't have to wait in long lines and submit unnecessary requirements.
What Is the Value of Jobs for PMETs in Singapore?
There is a growing group of professionals in Singapore included in the category called professional, managerial, executive, and technical, or PMET. Recently, they have been forming a much larger percentage of retrenched workers, particularly 57% of the resident workforce in 2018.

A lot of PMET workers have lost their occupation and are currently finding value in non-executive jobs for Singaporeans. Their years of experience and general skills are great assets when applying for work positions that are not directly connected to their previous profession but still require the same skills.

Through companies like FastJobs, Singaporeans included in the PMET category can easily discover new opportunities and get their careers going again. Moreover, our app also gives job seekers the option to choose the categories they want to explore, resulting in a more customised experience.
How Do You Achieve Work-Life Balance if You Have a Job in Singapore?
Try to picture this – you tirelessly searched and applied for jobs. You went through numerous interviews. And lastly, you secured all the necessary permits to work in Singapore. Of course, you will be grateful and motivated to perform beyond your limit just to excel in your new occupation.

However, no matter what position and industry, every employee needs to have a work-life balance to thrive and be productive in their work. Turning down a task after your working hours and acknowledging that you need a time out from work are often seen as laziness, especially in a country with hardworking employees. However, these are all necessary to maintain your overall life satisfaction.

There are certain things you can do to achieve work-life balance if you have a job in Singapore. Here are some of them:
Establish Work Boundaries
Professional and personal life should never be mixed up. Before you go to the office, pause all the personal tasks you have to do and focus on finishing your duties as an employee. Afterward, when you clock out, do the same and pause all your work-related assignments so you can enjoy your time off work.

Establishing work boundaries is important because it separates your life from your occupation, resulting in a lesser chance of experiencing burnout.
Make Time for Hobbies
What's the purpose of earning money if you can't spend it on the things you love? Make time to do your hobbies, whether it's traveling, painting, cooking, or simply hanging out with friends. This allows you to experience little joys in life and relieve all the stress you get from meeting countless deadlines or giving customer service to thousands of people.

Every person should never lose their fun and carefree side just because they want to excel in their jobs. Remember that even though your work is an integral part of your life, your whole world should not only revolve around it.
Stick to Your Schedule
To be able to do those mentioned above, you have to create a strict schedule and stick to it. If you do so, you will have a perfect work-life balance.

In your schedule, create a timed list of what you have to accomplish in a day, week, or month. This will give you a visual representation of what needs to be prioritized and what tasks can wait. Moreover, having an organised schedule clears up the clutter in your head and allows you to think and work faster.

After sticking to your work schedule, now you can see how much time you have left to enjoy the company of your friends or do anything you like.
List of Singaporean Only Jobs
Although Singapore openly accepts foreigners who want to work in their country, there are some jobs that are exclusively for Singaporeans only.

The main reason behind this is that the Ministry of Manpower wanted to ensure that Singapore residents and permanent residents were given priority since the working population of residents had fallen to 2.9% in the second quarter of 2014.

Below are some common jobs in Singapore for Singaporeans:
Government Research Assistant
Most government jobs are offered to residents only, and one of those is the research assistant position. The usual responsibilities for this occupation are supporting government research and evaluation projects. This includes collecting and analyzing data, conducting surveys and interviews, presenting the findings, and writing reports.

To be qualified, applicants must be Singaporean residents and have a degree holder in Psychology or other related studies. Of course, having experience in the same field is an advantage.
Service Crew
Hotels, restaurants, and other businesses that serve food also prefer residents as their service crew because hiring someone from the country is quicker than hiring foreigners. And usually, these jobs are in demand and need to hire workers urgently.

The basic responsibilities of a service crew are doing food preparation, handling the cashier and incoming delivery orders, restocking ingredients, and cleaning their workstation. As for the requirements, most hiring managers accept applicants with no experience. However, in some cases, employers ask for a food hygiene certification.
Airport Passenger Service Agent
Singaporeans can also apply to work at Changi Airport, as residents are more familiar with the rules and regulations in the country. Moreover, they can easily assist foreigners whenever they have questions about local destinations.

As an airport passenger service agent, you are responsible for processing the documents of departing passengers, ensuring they have valid tickets and passports, and verifying boarding passes. In addition, you will perform administrative duties, housekeeping your work area, and complete sweeping of boarding passes and baggage tags.
Tips for Finding Jobs in Singapore for Singaporeans
It is quite easy to find permanent jobs when you are a Singapore citizen. For starters, there is less paperwork, formalities, and expenses involved since citizens need not acquire work permits and visas.

To find high-paying and stable work, you must first define your career objectives. Indicate the field you have specialties in and the industry you want to enter. This way, you can have a tailored resume that targets the area and sector you are aiming for. Second, research the companies you are considering and check their offered salary and benefits. This can give you an overview of what to expect when you get hired. Lastly, utilize job portals like FastJobs so you can discover the keywords used by hiring managers in filtering applicants for a specific position. After finding the right keywords, you can incorporate them into your resume to increase your application's chance of being read.

Once you land a job in the country, you are now eligible for their work benefits, which include 40 working hours per week, 14 yearly paid leaves, high average salaries, and social security benefits. On top of these, your income tax can range from 0% per year if you earn 22,000 Singapore dollars and below. Meanwhile, if your income is above 320,000 Singapore dollars per year, your income tax is 20%.

Are There Singapore Jobs for Foreigners?
As mentioned above, Singapore is open to any foreigners who choose to work there, given that they pass all the permits and requirements. Most foreigners who successfully landed a job in the country were highly skilled in data analysis, social media marketing, customer relationship management, and the medical field.

To work in Singapore, foreigners must secure different types of passes. There are three kinds of passes for professionals. First is the employment pass, which is for foreign professionals, managers, and executives who need to earn at least 4,500 dollars monthly. The second one is EntrePass, which is eligible for those who want to operate their own business. The last one is called a personaliszed employment pass, which is for high-earning individuals.

There are also different passes for skilled and semi-skilled workers. For mid-level skilled staff, the S Pass is required. Meanwhile, for those in the construction, manufacturing, and other service sectors, a work permit for migrant workers is given. If you are a domestic worker, you will be given a work permit for migrant domestic workers. Lastly, a work permit for performing artists is given to foreign performers in the public entertainment industry.
Singapore is indeed a great place to jumpstart your career. Here, different job opportunities are given to both Singaporeans and foreign nationals. It is just up to you if you can find an occupation that suits your skills and expertise.

Make sure to use job portals like FastJobs so you can expedite your job hunting and land your dream position and company. Visit our website now and check our numerous listings! We can assure you that our team verifies every employer on our site, so you are confident that you will meet legitimate employers only.
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