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Why Don Don Donki?
Join Don Don Donki Singapore for an exciting and rewarding career in a fast-paced, multicultural, and dynamc retail environment. As a popular Japanese discount store chain, Don Don Donki offers a unique shopping experience and the opportunity to engage with diverse customers. You'll be a part of a team that values customer satisfaction, affordability and quality, bringing the best of Japanese products to Singapore.
Join the Don Don Donki Family!
Enjoy a supportive work environment, collaborative teamwork, and career development opportunities. Immerse yourself in Japanese culture, enhance your skills, and grow both personally and professionally. Embark on a fulfilling journey with Don Don Donki and be part of delivering exceptional retail experiences while embracing the vibrant and diverse world of Japanese culture
Open Positions at Don Don Donki
Why Decathlon Singapore?
Decathlon is your sports wonderland! We are the champs in crafting and slinging sporting goods, apparel, and equipment. Whether you're smashing goals or conquering the great outdoors, Decathlon's got your back – because winning is our favorite sport! 🏆🌟

At Decathlon, we're not just talking about career growth – it's a wild ride! 🚀 Lace up those career sneakers for limitless possibilities, whether scoring locally or making international moves. Your journey with us? An epic adventure! 🌍🏀🎉

Join the Decathlon Family!
What is our culture like ? Where decisions spark High-fives : Decathlon rocks a lively, sporty vibe where mistakes can turn into global victories. We tackle responsibilities with the same energy – turning challenges into triumphs! 💪 Our game plan? Preserving the world together!

Dive into sports madness with events, competitions, and a winning culture. Enjoy exclusive employee discounts for top-notch gear – where games and victories turn into epic celebrations!
Open Positions at Decathlon Singapore
Aspial Lifestyle Jewellery Group
Why Aspial Lifestyle Jewellery Group?
Join the Lee Hwa, Goldheart and Maxi-Cash team for a meaningful career in the retail sales industry! 4.5 Days work week and earn completion bonus of $1000 as well as attractive sales incentives.

Join the Aspial Lifestyle Jewellery Group Family!
\Backed by Aspial Lifestyle's commitment to doing business responsibly, our brands look to enhance the sustainability of products, processes and well-being of our people.

Open Positions at Aspial Lifestyle Jewellery Group
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