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What To Consider Before Getting a New Service Crew Job in Singapore
Landing a service crew job in Singapore is a great way to earn money without having to worry about technical skills or a college degree. In fact, many employers are willing to take in candidates that have no prior experience in the role and provide them with relevant on-the-job training.

Becoming a service crew employee isn't as easy as it seems, though. The competition for the position might be high, depending on the restaurant you want to apply for. Not to mention, the work itself can be pretty stressful due to several factors. Despite the challenges of being a service crew, the role itself is exciting and allows you to meet new people everyday, unlike your usual desk bound job.

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What Are the Typical Duties of a Service Crew Job in Singapore?

Service crew employees at restaurants and other food establishments do more than just wait tables and bring food to the customers. There are other duties to accomplish, such as the following:
Serve Customers

One of the primary tasks of a service crew member is to take orders from customers. In most cases, it is part of the employees' duties to usher guests to an empty seat and give them the menu so they can choose which items to purchase.

After the customer decides what to order, the service crew will bring the list to the kitchen. Once the meal is prepared, they have to bring it to the table and ask the guest if they have anything else they want to add. If there are none, they are free to serve other people at the restaurant.

Handle Complaints

Being in a service crew position isn't a walk in the park. After all, it's a part of the job to deal with customers' grievances and be as calm and level-headed while doing so. Complaints from guests come in many forms. Some just want their meal to be reheated, while others demand faster service.

The way to handle customer complaints depends on the protocols of your restaurant. There are a few unspoken rules to remember, though:

  • Show Empathy – Try to be as understanding as possible, and offer them an apology if needed. Sometimes, customers tone down their complaints and lower their voices once they realize that the restaurant staff is already being considerate and is doing everything to handle the situation.
  • Be Polite – It's vital for service crew members to be polite at all times. The same goes when dealing with grievances from guests. Don't use offensive language, and try not to raise your voice. You can always call your supervisor for help if there are issues you cannot resolve.
  • Mind Your Body Language – Aside from watching the words you say, it's also crucial to be aware of your body language at all times. Maintain eye contact when speaking with a complaining customer, and be sure not to stomp angrily when leaving the table. Additionally, avoid the urge to sigh loudly or roll your eyes even amid frustration

Maintain Cleanliness

Restaurants thrive on the ambience of the whole area, so keeping the place tidy is a must. Regular disinfection is also necessary to ensure that the food being served isn't contaminated. It's part of the job of a service crew member to maintain cleanliness at all times.

Before the establishment opens and after it closes, the staff usually mops the floor first and dusts the whole place off. When a customer leaves, service crew members should immediately gather the empty plates and dishes and wipe the tables. When cleanliness is properly maintained, guests can rest assured that the food products they order are all sanitary, and the items they use for eating are all hygienic.
Skills Necessary To Be an Exemplary Service Crew Member

Even though being a service crew member doesn't necessarily require a college degree, there are still some skills that are advantageous to have if you want to apply for the job. Here are a few examples

Working at a restaurant can sometimes be tough and nerve-wracking. There are days when there are just too many customers to serve, and all of them want special attention. On other occasions, there'd be someone who'd rent the place and ask all sorts of demands. However, even though the job is stressful, an excellent service crew remains level-headed at all times.

This trait is particularly beneficial when making decisions. If you're level-headed and calm amid the worst situations, you can come up with the best course of action and do your job properly even when you're under a lot of pressure. It's not easy to hone this skill, but it's possible. Getting plenty of rest when you're not working definitely helps, along with asking for tips from your most senior colleagues.

Basic Math Skills

When the restaurant is understaffed, some service crew members may be asked to man the cashier. During this situation, your basic computation skills will be put to the test. Many restaurants use high-tech POS systems today, so you're not actually required to add and subtract menu prices manually. Your math skills are more needed when counting money, especially if the customer decides to pay in cash.


Service crew members have to be quick at all times to serve as many customers as possible. This ability is also helpful in preventing accidents. If you're agile enough, you can move freely even when you're holding a tray in one hand and evading other people when they are about to bump into you. There's no training on how to be nimble; you just have to master the skill by gaining experience on the job.


People who land a service crew job in Singapore are expected to be constantly polite to everyone, specifically to customers, restaurant managers, and senior colleagues. A few gestures that show courtesy include:

  • Greeting Everyone With a Smile – When someone enters the restaurant and makes eye contact with you, try to greet them. A simple "Welcome!" or "Good morning!" can brighten up their day and make it more special if you sound sincere enough. If you can't offer a greeting, a simple nod, bow, or smile usually works just fine.
  • Dressing Appropriately – Restaurants typically have a uniform for their staff, so you don't have to worry about the dress code. However, it's still important to always look nice and presentable. Iron your clothes and shine your shoes before wearing them at work. If you have a tie on your neck, adjust it properly so that it's not too loose or tight.
  • Using Respectful Language – Always be respectful when speaking to someone, even those who are obviously younger than you. Address them using honorifics, and treat them like how you want to be treated if you're the one dining at the restaurant.
  • Opening the Door for People – If there are very few customers to serve, it won't hurt to do extra service and open the door for people coming into the restaurant. Be enthusiastic when doing it, and don't forget to smile. While you're at it, you can also offer them a warm welcome and usher them into an empty seat.
How To Land a Service Crew Job in Singapore
There are plenty of restaurants that are always looking for new people to join their teams. So, be sure to prepare all the necessary documents for your application before you even start hunting for an employment opportunity.

To help you with your search, you can use FastJobs. Our website or app has plenty of job listings you might want to apply for. Feel free to browse through some of them to find the right food establishment to work in.
Being a service crew member can be a pretty tough job, but it's still a rewarding occupation. There are many instances where service crew encounter lovely customers, offering words of support and even generous trips!

While there are a few skills you need to master, patience is the most important, especially if you're still new and gaining experience.

If you're looking for restaurants to apply to, FastJobs can assist you with your search. Our website or app has plenty of employment opportunities for people who want to land a service crew job in Singapore. Browse through our listings today to start your job hunting!
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