Key Things To Consider Before Applying for Warehouse Jobs in Singapore
E-commerce is one key sector that benefited from COVID-19. According to Forbes, e-commerce sales grew 50% during the pandemic. Therefore, it's unsurprising that the demand for workers in the Warehousing & Logistics industry has increased tremendously to support booming e-commerce businesses.

Landing a warehouse job in Singapore will definitely help jump-start your career since it is a role in a forever booming business that has been around for years. Although the position is not an easy one, more and more people are finding it a good source of income, whether part-time, full-time, or contractual.

Before looking for a warehouse job in Singapore, you should know the responsibilities you will be shouldering and what it will take to be qualified for the job. FastJobs is here to help you find out if you are a perfect fit for the position. We also have plenty of warehouse job listings that you can apply for. Just browse through our website or app to find them!
Common Duties Warehouse Jobs in Singapore Have
As mentioned above, warehouse jobs are not the easiest. Aside from the physical labour that you'll have to exert, you'll have to showcase knowledge regarding the specific systems and protocols in place. Here are the most common duties you have to carry out as a warehouse worker:
Shipping and Receiving
Since some companies use their warehouse as the official point of receiving and shipping products, warehouse workers are tasked to send and obtain items.

Shipping specialists choose products based on the order list, pack them, and arrange the shipping details, ensuring that the parcel is complete and delivered to the correct destination.

On the other hand, receiving specialists collect the packages, materials, and other supplies sent to the warehouse. They are responsible for arranging the orders, managing inventories, controlling the product quality, and documenting the necessary information. Furthermore, after signing off shipments to confirm that everything was received, they must look for damages and decide if they need to report them.
Parcel Sorting
A parcel sorter handles hundreds, if not thousands, of packages every day. If you want that to be your warehouse job in Singapore, you must be able to work quickly and accurately, in addition to possessing good organisational skills. Moreover, as a parcel sorter, you should be physically fit to lift packages and transfer them to shelves and crates.
Forklift Operation
Big shipments come from and are sent to warehouses. Thus, forklifts are needed to move these packages around the facility because moving them manually is not efficient. Forklift operators are tasked to transport things to place them in storage or get them to the loading docks. Additionally, they can help organise the inventory by placing items on high industrial shelves.

However, you should note that to become a promising candidate for this position, you should consider getting a forklift certification to prove that you are trained to operate the powered industrial truck.
General Labour
All warehouses need general labourers who can take on non-specific jobs. When you work in this position, you may be asked to do both complex and simple tasks, so it is best to be flexible. It is also recommended to learn specific duties connected to the industry you are working in so you can provide better service to your company.
Customer Service
Other than the usual warehouse roles, there are Customer Service positions available in the industry too.

These professionals are in charge of giving customer accommodation through calls, messages, and emails. Customer service representatives are expected to answer inquiries, troubleshoot problems, process refunds, and accept emergency orders. Basically, their main task is to keep the customers satisfied so they will keep coming back.

On top of that, they need to constantly communicate with managers and other warehouse heads to discuss strategies, generate leads, and improve how they serve their customers.
Material Handling
A lot of raw materials, supplies, and products are stored and circulated inside a warehouse. Proper material handling is important to ensure that everything is correctly packed and registered into the system.

Material handlers support the day-to-day warehouse operations like picking, packing, verifying stock discrepancies, and ensuring proper storage of delicate and fragile materials. They are also often asked to operate different motorised machines and vehicles to deliver materials inside the warehouse. Some of these are cherry pickers, pallet trucks, and industrial lift trucks.
Machine Operation
When you enter a warehouse, you will see various kinds of machines and equipment. The most common ones are conveyor belts, dock lifts, service carts, and strapping equipment. These are all operated by people. Hence, there are many listings for warehouse jobs in Singapore that are looking for machine operators.

Some of the machines mentioned above require certifications to operate. However, most of them are pretty simple and easy to learn. For instance, the motors of a conveyor belt just need to be turned on and checked from time to time in order for the machine to work.
Warehouse Management
Warehouse managers supervise all other duties mentioned above. However, it is important to note that they are the owner's point person when they want updates and reports about production, stocks, products, and the overall business.

Warehouse management is a complicated position to take on since you are expected to streamline all warehouse activities—from picking up products to ensuring they are delivered to the customers. However, it is equally rewarding, especially if you can see that the business is continually growing because of your team's efforts.

An effective warehouse management technique can drive profitability and customer satisfaction, which are the main goals of all businesses.
Things You Should Know Before Applying for Warehouse Jobs in Singapore
Working for the café around the block might look like an easy job. However, every occupation has its own level of difficulty. Some café jobs in Singapore even require training and certification. Here is a list of the common qualifications and skills coffee shop employees need:
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The warehousing industry is quite overlooked when looking for sustainable jobs. Now that you know the unending opportunities waiting for you, be sure to prepare all the requirements, skills, and certifications you need.

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Deciding to enter the warehousing industry is a pretty tough call as it takes a lot of organisational skills, physical strength, and technological knowledge. However, if you want to succeed in this field, you can always start from the simpler positions and work your way up to becoming a warehouse manager. This can also open up opportunities for you to learn new skills and get certified in operating machines and equipment.

Browsing through our warehouse job listings in Singapore can help you visualise the available positions you can soon occupy. Check out the available positions on FastJobs today!
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