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Focus On Your Mental Well-Being
In recent times, there has been increased attention towards mental well-being among the local population. As a result, there has been a rise in the popularity of the spa, beauty, and fitness sectors
3 Benefits For Working In The Beauty & Wellness Industry
Growing Industry
As the beauty and wellness industry continues to expand, an increasing number of job roles are emerging and evolving to meet the changing demands and trends of the industry.
Job Satisfaction
The beauty and wellness industry can be highly rewarding as it allows you to make a tangible difference in their lives. Seeing the results of your work can be a source of pride and job satisfaction.
Flexible Hours
Many beauty and wellness jobs offer flexible schedules, making it easier to balance work with other commitments or interests.
Hair Stylist
Many will agree that hairstyles could change how one looks and a good head massage by the hairstylist is relaxing for one. Working as a hairstylist can be rewarding as you have the opportunity to express creativity.

As a manicurist, you bring designs to life! Besides helping others in feeling good about themselves, you will get a sense of purpose and satisfaction at work too!

Beauty Therapist / Fitness Instructor
A beauty therapist's and a fitness instructor's job give clients a mood booster during bad days and help to build confidence. Beauty treatments, such as facials or massages, or a trip to a nearby gym contribute to physical health benefits and contribute to overall wellness. You leave work feeling good as you contributed to others' health and wellness.

Fun Fact !
Did you know that some experienced manicurists in Singapore can earn up to $10,000 per month? Manicurists in Singapore are in high demand, especially those who are proficient in the latest nail art and designs. The job can be quite competitive, with some nail salons offering attractive salaries, bonuses, and commission schemes to attract and retain top talent. With the growth of the beauty and wellness industry in Singapore, the demand for manicurists is expected to continue to rise, making it a potentially lucrative career option.
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