Part Time Jobs in SG: What They Are and Why People Apply for Them
Singapore is a small country with a population of about 5.9 million people. As such, it has a large proportion of its citizens working in the services sector, which includes "higher-skilled" and "basic-skilled" sectors. There are many types of jobs that can fall under these two categories, such as part time jobs in SG.

This kind of employment is different from others as it doesn't require an employee to render the usual number of hours in the office. Many people, such as parents and students, seek out job openings that fall under this category because they want to increase their household income. Furthermore, part time roles are a better option to those who don't have the time to commit to nine-to-five jobs as they usually offer flexible hours.

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What Is a Part Time Job in SG?
In Singapore, those with part time jobs are under a contract of service that stipulates they only work less than 35 hours a week. It is important to note that workers under this type of employment have the right to ask for overtime pay. Furthermore, those who work at least five days a week are entitled to at least one rest day.
What Are the Advantages of Part Time Jobs in SG?
Part time jobs are great because they are highly flexible. Some positions don't even require you to regularly visit the office, allowing you to work from home or wherever is convenient for you. This enables better work-life balance. If you're a full-time employee for a different organisation, they also provide you with a way to earn some money on the side.

Similarly, part time jobs can provide you with numerous benefits if you're still a student. They allow you to gain new skills and try out different careers before fully committing yourself to one career path. Additionally, they can be a way for you to prepare yourself before pursuing further studies or looking for full-time employment later on in your life.
Who Can Apply for Part Time Jobs in SG?
Anyone can apply for part time positions. However, the individuals who usually send in their applications to companies offering such roles are:
A part time job for a student is a great way to earn money while learning new skills and making connections with other people in the industry. It's also seen as a stepping-stone to getting into the workforce, or it can be used to gain experience before looking for a more permanent position or a higher level in school. Most students apply for part time jobs in convenience stores, coffee shops, and restaurants.
Stay-at-Home Parents
A stay-at-home parent is a mother or father who takes care of their children, cleans the house, goes grocery shopping, cooks for the family, and more. Since they are preoccupied with various duties in their home, a part time job is perfect for them.

Such roles allow them to spend more time with their kids while making some money on the side. Although it depends on the industry, some positions only require them to have a stable internet connection as well as a personal laptop. This allows parents with limited time on their hands to focus on their kids while also earning money doing something they love.
Working and Nonworking Professionals
Many working professionals need additional income to make ends meet. For this reason, many of them take on part time jobs to supplement their income. The reasons for working more than one job vary from person to person. Some people need the extra money because of financial difficulties, while others need the additional funds to ensure they have enough for retirement or other saving goals.

On the other hand, non working professionals also require money to pay for their expenses. These individuals are usually those in between jobs or those who have been out of work for an extended period. A part time role would benefit them as it is less time-consuming than a full-time role, giving them more time and space to look for a permanent position in the industry they prefer.
Highest-Paying Part Time Jobs in SG
Here's a list of the highest-paying part time jobs in SG:
Student Care Teachers
Typically hired by parents and schools, student care teachers are a highly specialised role in Singapore. Their fundamental role is to provide social support for students with behavioural and emotional difficulties who may be struggling in the classroom or school setting. They also help other educators understand how they can best help their students succeed in school. The qualities that make a good student care teacher are patience, empathy, and compassion. They also need to be able to adapt to each student's individual needs in order to provide the best education possible.
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