Job Transformation Map:
Retail Sector
Job Transformation in the Retail Sector aims to help retailers build a future-ready and productive workforce in response to today's growing digital economy.
How does JTM affect the Retail Industry?
Moving towards a vibrant and globally-competitive retail ecosystem
Technology driven
Repetitive tasks will be potentially automated, so workers will engage in higher-value tasks with new skills.
Customer centric
Focus on creating seamless and personalised customer experiences, understand shifting consumer preferences and lifestyles.
Job scope
Learn and adapt to new and diverse skills required in your job scope to create meaningful work.
How do I ensure I remain attractive to employers?
To stay competitive in the job market as an employee
  • 1. Constantly upgrade your skills
    When employers send you to workshops, go in with an open mind to learn new skills. Stay updated and relevant as the Retail industry continues to evolve.
  • 2. Be open and adapt FAST!
    Your employer may ask you to do new tasks. Be flexible to learn new things. Don't be afraid to ask questions and seek help if you are unsure.
  • 3. Communicate your expectations to your employers
    Communication goes both ways. When you face issues with your employers or customers, voice out to your employers.
New opportunities await you!
Embrace the future and explore your possibilities
  • E-commerce
    Increased focus on online shopping while managing in-store shopping
  • Personalisation
    Emphasis on personalised customer experience, building strong customer relationships
  • Sustainability
    Promote eco-friendly products and implement responsible supply chain management initiatives
  • Merchandising
    Designing product displays, highlight key products and track sales patterns
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