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Expand Your Range of Skills and Abilities With Retail Jobs in Singapore
Retail jobs in Singapore can be found in many types of establishments, with stores requiring their workers to stock their shelves, handle checkout counters, and accept returns or exchanges. Some retailers may need people to work on a more managerial level and employ suitable supervisors or executives.

Retail jobs are some of the most popular and sought-after jobs because these roles are considered one of the best entry-level jobs without experience required. Entry-level positions allow new professionals to learn about different aspects of work and gain practical experience before moving on to higher positions in their careers.

Interestingly, retail job applicants do not need any qualifications or degrees. They're usually only required to submit a well-written resume and pass a straightforward interview. It is important to note, however, that some employers may look for basic literacy skills so they can be assured that their future employees can read and understand simple instructions or safety messages.

At FastJobs, we are dedicated to helping you find a suitable role that fits your skill set. We have various listings on our website that you can go through, including retail jobs in Singapore. If you want to expand your knowledge and upskill, we also offer a range of courses that you can apply for.
Kinds of Establishments That Offer Retail Jobs in Singapore

Here are some of the establishments that are usually looking for retail employees:
Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are popular choices in the retail industry. It's the place where people go for their weekly shopping as they offer a range of products from canned goods to fresh vegetables. In fact, a grocery store can have up to 20,000 products on display, so it's essential that they have enough people to work across all the different aisles in their premises.

However, the grocery store industry has been slowly yet drastically evolving in the past decade. With the increase in technology and development, physical stores are slowly becoming obsolete and online ones are becoming more commonly used. This is why retail employees are now usually trained to handle different software applications to sort and package the various orders they receive in a day.


Compared to other stores, boutiques are specific kinds of retailers that offer upscale or unique products to their customers.

Many boutique owners are looking for reliable employees to help customers find specific items, provide style advice, and create a fun and social atmosphere in the store. Retail Assistants in boutique stores tend to provide a more personalised service to customers, so if you enjoy engaging with people beyond the usual pleasantries, working at a boutique store would be a suitable choice for you!

Hardware Stores

This type of retail store sells products commonly used for construction and maintenance. These may include plumbing and electrical supplies like nails, screws, pipes, and other such items. With the rise of the do-it-yourself home improvement trend, hardware stores have also become a popular destination for those who enjoy fixing and enhancing things around the house.

Retail employees in hardware stores are often consulted by people because they are known to be the ones who have product knowledge and can answer their questions. Whether customers want to figure out what brush size to buy or which tools to get to fix something, they usually confirm with a staff member first. Additionally, these workers mostly spend their day in the store, in front of computers, on phones, and doing inventory on top of answering customer inquiries.


These small, stand-alone booths can usually be found in places with high foot traffic, such as shopping malls and busy city streets. Since their locations aren't permanent, kiosks provide small business owners with a low-cost alternative to market their products or services.

Furthermore, retail assistants in kiosks are usually consultants who can help clients make purchases. They may be able to give information about specific products and their prices. If kiosk owners have larger stores, their staff members can also direct customers to their other branches if the item they're looking for is currently unavailable.
Types of Retail Jobs in Singapore

If you're looking for retail jobs in Singapore, these are some of the roles that you may consider applying for:

Usually found in one spot for most of their shift, cashiers help customers make their purchases by ringing up items and providing change. These workers often operate point of sale (POS) systems and complete simple transactions like returns, refunds, and exchanges.

Depending on the time of day, their other responsibilities may also include keeping track of prices and inventory, removing items from shelves, keeping the store clean, and providing customer service.

Cashiers are very important employees because they can provide a human touch to a business that is otherwise automated or fully computerized. By interacting with customers, they give a more personal experience to those making purchases.

Store Manager

Also referred to as the backbone of any successful retail store, store managers are responsible for overseeing the store's day-to-day operations to ensure that everything is going well. They always make sure to take care of customers' needs by giving them quality service.

Their responsibilities vary from one employer to another, but they usually consist of the following:

  • Setting Strategy for Profit and Growth
  • Developing Marketing Campaigns To Increase Customer Engagement
  • Creating Employee Work Schedules
  • Maintaining Records of Inventory, Sales Data, and Cash Transactions
  • Ensuring Compliance With Local Laws As Well as Company Rules and Regulation

Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative is a person whose job is to provide information or assistance to people in response to their inquiries. Most days, they answer questions and solve problems related to the store's products and services.

An essential characteristic of a customer service representative is their patience. They are often the first point of contact for any customer who has an issue or complaint about a product or service, and they are responsible for dealing with these issues professionally. That is why workers in this line of work must be able to listen and understand what the customer needs and then guide them through the process until they are satisfied.

Retail Executive

Different industries require various types of retail executives. For example, retail executives in the hospitality industry oversee all aspects of maintaining hospitality standards within a hotel, whereas those in the fashion industry are involved with promoting clothing lines to customers.

Tasked with the responsibility of helping the company grow, retail executives play a prominent role in any store's success. They have the power to change the way people shop for goods and services as well as the way consumers think about shopping since they can implement different marketing strategies.

Furthermore, since the retail industry is experiencing rapid change, with online shopping becoming more popular than ever before, these employees need to adapt. They also have to understand any developments and use the insights they learned to drive profit.
Where You Can Find Retail Jobs in Singapore
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The retail job market is vast, and there are plenty of opportunities out there that you can go through until you find one that is a good fit for you. With the help of your resume and interview skills, you can find your dream job in retail that will allow you to contribute to the team. Feel free to browse through FastJobs' website today and start your journey in looking for retail jobs in Singapore.
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