written by Jarrett Ng
How Can I Stand Out Amongst Other Jobseekers?
The job market has become increasingly saturated as the economy looks to rebuild and more jobseekers are looking for new opportunities. Competition for job opportunities has never been higher, which means candidates are trying even harder to make an impression to stand out from one another. FastJobs hopes to help rebuild careers by providing useful tips to aid jobseekers in their job hunt.
Make your resume more detailed
Your resume is a collation of your past experience, skills, and abilities, and it is a strong way for employers to assess your suitability for the job. It is also the first thing employers will read about you - thus it is important to make a strong impression through your resume.
  • Add in some information for each job about what you specifically did and how your company benefited from it.
    • This helps them to easily see how you could value-add to their company.
    • For example, when applying for a cleaner role, you could mention your previous company's 'A' Hygiene rating by the NEA.
  • Add things you've done that aren't in your normal job scope
    • It shows employers you've taken initiative to contribute in other areas, increasing your chances of employment.
    • For example, you could state that you've planned shift schedules for you and your coworkers.
Try it out and tweak your resume with our FastJobs resume builder - and secure your next job with FastJobs!
Constantly upskill and upgrade
Having just the right skills to do the job isn't enough these days - with the rise in competition for jobs, it's more than likely there's more than a few with the same set of skills to do the job. This makes it hard for employers to determine who stands out skill-wise, thus, it's always important to upskill!
  • Depending on what you upskill, it could be very valuable in helping you secure that job - and more.
    • For example, if you're interviewing as a technician in an IT company, having experience in taking coding courses gives you added value as someone who has the skills to be adaptable to different challenges on the job.
  • There are many avenues you could take to start upskilling.
    • FastJobs' FastLearn initiatives and various courses by SkillsFuture and Training Vision Institute provide ample opportunities to learn in various fields.
We at FastJobs firmly believe that learning never stops regardless of age, so take the plunge and try it out for yourself!
Follow-up after your interview
Adding a personal touch goes a long way in making lasting impressions on employers.
Acknowledge that you enjoyed your time with the interviewer and you're looking forward to hearing from him/her again.
This shows that you value such interactions on a personal level rather than simply doing so to further your career.

Referencing parts of the interview also help to show that you were engaged during the process.

It also gives you another chance to get your name out there in front of the potential employer!
Highlight relevant skills & traits
It's important to know what are the most sought-after skills or traits in the particular industry or company you're applying for.

To do so, you need to do some self-research on the company's values and goals, and identifying similarities in job scope for different jobs in the industry.

With this knowledge in mind, you can work towards attaining those skills, or, if you believe you already have them, highlight them in your resume!

Some employers tend to look out for particular skills and trait keywords in a resume, which can greatly enhance your chances of employment if you highlight them.
Prepare for tough interview questions
Job interviews may not always be simple affairs - some interviewers may throw curveballs and ask difficult interview questions in order to 'filter' candidates based on their responses to these questions. Thus, it is important to know how to properly respond to these questions and leave a strong impression on your potential employers!

If you're interested to find out how, check out this article by Ong Wooi-Hsen, Senior Lecturer (Communication Skills) at Singapore Polytechnic. It features a shortlist of common 'tough' interview questions and various pointers on how you should answer them properly!
In Summary
With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, we hope these pieces of advice would go a long way in making a strong impression on employers and increase your chances of getting a job. These pieces of advice will show employers that you're prepared, committed, driven, and ready - values any employer would want to see in their employees.
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