Things To Know About the Different Kinds of Security Officers in Singapore
Every establishment requires a high level of security to prevent theft, trespassing, break-ins, and other kinds of safety issues. Using locks and alarm systems is one of the best ways to avoid these kinds of problems, but they are not enough in many cases. These features only work well if you have security officers stationed near or patrolling the facility. This way, you can protect the people inside the establishment and prevent the loss or damage of their personal belongings.

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What Does a Security Officer in Singapore Do?
Even if a building has gates, locks, cameras, and alarm systems, it's not entirely safe from security issues. After all, anyone who's determined to break inside the facility to make mischief can find ways to climb up the gate and open the lock even without a key. State-of-the-art cameras and alarm systems are quite tricky to bypass, but it does not necessarily mean it's impossible to do so.

Hiring a security officer is necessary if an owner or manager of an establishment really wants to prevent anyone from trespassing. With trained personnel guarding the whole facility, it would be almost impossible for anyone to break into the building's perimeter. If they manage to do so by a slim chance, the security officers can check the cameras and apprehend the trespasser before they can escape.

The need for security personnel in Singapore is rising. So, if you are a licensed and trained officer, it won't be too hard for you to find a company that might want to hire you. For inexperienced jobseekers looking to enter the industry, it's easy to kickstart your career by browsing relevant Security courses on FastLearn to obtain the necessary licences.

What Are the Kinds of Security Officers in Singapore?
Here are a few things to keep in mind when you're applying for online job openings in Singapore:
Condo Security Guards
As the name suggests, a condo security officer in Singapore is responsible for guarding a residential building. Tenants and their occasional visitors can feel safe if someone is stationed near the gate to prevent any unauthorised entry.

The role of a condo security guard may vary, depending on the tasks assigned by the residential manager. In some cases, the officer may be asked to stand near the front desk and check the identities of everyone going inside the building. At other times, they might be tasked to watch the CCTV footage in the monitoring room and alert authorities if something is amiss.

Security officers sometimes patrol the area, too. They check the whole perimeter, particularly parking lots and other poorly lit spaces, to see if anyone suspicious is lurking around.
Hotel Security Guards
Just like officers in condominium buildings, hotel security guards are responsible for guarding buildings that operate 24/7. The main duty of a hotel security officer is to open the door for anyone who wants to enter the facility, especially if they are a guest or planning to check in.

The job of a hotel security guard is pretty tricky because it's hard to distinguish between real guests and trespassers. Each establishment implements its own protocols on what to do with intruders. In most cases, hotel security officers are not allowed to overreact to prevent any commotion, so trespassers are often politely led outside the facility, especially if they didn't cause any harm to anyone inside the building.
School Security Guards
Schools are an institution of learning, so they must be kept safe and secure at all times. Students, along with the staff and faculty members, should feel comfortable and assured that they will be protected from any kind of danger while they're still inside the campus. This is why school security officers are hired to prevent any intruders from breaking into the premises and possibly causing harm to everyone inside.

School security guards often stand near the gate to check if everyone going inside is properly wearing their uniforms and IDs. Fortunately, checking of identities is aided by technology these days, where there are face recognition devices installed to prevent unauthorised personnel on school grounds. In some cases, guards also respond to emergencies and call higher authorities if necessary.

Most educational institutions are closed at night, but it doesn't mean that the guards' duties end during the day. Security officers must patrol around the campus again to check if there are students overstaying or if there are classrooms left open.
Corporate Security Guards
The virtual and physical sides of any company should be safeguarded by putting up high-level security systems. Virtual data, such as digital information in computers and servers, are protected using firewalls and other essential IT features. Meanwhile, anything in the physical world is kept safe by corporate security officers.

The job of a corporate security guard is anything but easy. They have to check if the people going inside the office building are authorised. They also have to lead VIPs inside the facility and take utmost care to prevent them from getting offended. At night, security personnel must guard the whole office building and prevent anyone from breaking in. They should also patrol the establishment to drive away people who are lurking around.
How To Get Employed as a Security Officer in Singapore
Since the demand for security officers in Singapore is rising, anyone who has the right training and has a licence will not find it hard to land a new job. However, it doesn't mean that you can simply apply for any employment opportunity that comes your way. Doing so might cause you to be hired at a job that does not suit you.

Here are a few tips you can follow to increase your chances of getting employed at a job that fits your skills and preferences:

  • Read the Job Description Carefully – Be sure to review the listing properly. This is an efficient way to ensure you're qualified for the work opportunity.
  • Research the Company – Doing ample research about a potential employer gives you a brief background on what it is like to work for that company. Try to find reviews from their current and previous workers to see if the culture there fits your preferences. Only apply for the job if you think the opportunity will help improve your skills and make you better at your profession.
  • Prepare for the Interview – Most work opportunities require you to attend an interview with the hiring manager before getting hired. Be sure to prepare for it by rehearsing common interview questions. In most cases, they will ask about your experiences, as well as your strengths and weaknesses, so it's best to get your answers ready for such inquiries.
  • Try To Appear as Confident as Possible – When meeting your potential employer, be sure to appear poised and dignified. Stand straight, walk upright when entering the premises, and politely greet or bow to anyone you meet. Wearing proper attire is also a must, so dress yourself up when attending the interview.
  • Don't Be Afraid To Ask About the Salary – Sometimes, the job description does not tell you the salary for the position. If that is the case, do not be afraid to ask about it during the interview process. There are times when the salary offered by the company is lower than your expectations, but feel free to negotiate for better compensation.
  • Visit Job-Hunting Sites – You can visit FastJobs today and check the job listings for security officers in Singapore. We have a wide range of employment options for trained and licensed guards, so you're sure to find the right opportunities for you. Browse through our website and apply for a job that piques your interest.
Security officers in Singapore are in-demand right now. The role is no longer a simple watchman's job, as Security officers these days do their job with the help of technology. If you receive training and have a licence as a guard, many opportunities exist for you from different industries. The key to landing a job is to narrow down your options and only apply for employment opportunities that match your skills and previous experiences. Be sure to research your potential employer, too, to prevent any job mismatch.

Today, job-hunting sites are widely available. Here at FastJobs, we have plenty of job listings for those who want to apply as security officers in Singapore. If you think you are up for the position, grab the opportunity today. Browse our website to see if there are any jobs that might suit you.
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