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Things To Remember When Looking for Flexible Jobs in Singapore
More and more companies are offering flexible-hour jobs in Singapore. After all, this kind of setup benefits both the worker and the business itself. If you are looking for opportunities where you can get flexible work schedules, try job hunting at FastJobs. Feel free to check out our website or download our app to find job listings from employers searching for new talents to join their team.
Explaining Flexible-Hour Jobs in Singapore
It's not difficult to understand what flexible jobs are. In a nutshell, they are opportunities that accommodate all sorts of workers, including freelancers and part-time employees. If you apply for a flexible job opportunity, you will get to enjoy plenty of perks, such as:

  • Working only at a time that's convenient for you
  • Not being contained in the usual "9 to 5" working schedule
  • Not having any minimum job commitment to finish
  • Being able to work in different locations
  • Receiving weekly payouts
  • Getting enough training
Flexible jobs work by having discipline to commit a set amount of time to work, albeit being able to control your own schedule.

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Benefits of Having a Flexible Job in Singapore
Employees who have a flexible schedule tend to enjoy a lot of perks:
You Can Spend More Time With Your Loved Ones
Having control over your work schedule gives you more time to spend with your loved ones. It's a common problem to be too engrossed with their jobs and no longer enjoy the bonding moments with their family and friends. However, if you have a flexible job, you can have more free time if you finish your daily tasks early. You can use those vacant hours to eat dinner with your partner, play with your kids, visit your parents, or even have coffee with your friends.
You Can Allot Days Off for Yourself
Part of having a flexible work schedule is having plenty of time for yourself. You have flexibility to plan your own schedule, which means you set which days you work, and which days you don't!

Having time alone has plenty of benefits to your physical and mental health. It gives your mind and body some time to rest, so after your well-spent "me time," it's not surprising that you'll feel rejuvenated and more focused. When having your rightfully earned days off, it is a good idea that you:

  • Disconnect From Work – Mute your group chats about work, so you prevent yourself being involved in work despite taking the day off! Instead, immerse fully in your rest day activity to get the relaxation you need.
  • Enjoy Your Hobbies – Once a person enters adulthood, they likely have less time to spend on their hobbies. However, by taking a few days off from work, you can pick up those old interests or possibly spark a new passion to pursue.
  • Do Nothing – Many people think that they have to be productive even on their days off. They want to clean the house, travel to the mall, visit a museum, or spend time with their friends. That's not necessarily the case, though, because you can simply stay at home. You can just sleep until the afternoon or browse through shows on Netflix, and you do not have to feel an ounce of guilt about it!
You Can Have Other Sources of Income
One of the best things about having a flexible job in Singapore is it allows you to have another source of income. Once you have finished your tasks for your main job, you can use your vacant hours to earn more money by taking on another flexible job. Having two jobs at once, however, can be pretty tricky, so here are a few tips that can help you:

  • Manage Your Time Well – Be sure that you have excellent time management skills if you plan to work for at least two companies. After all, both of your employers will expect you to deliver high-quality outputs according to schedule. It is not an easy feat to pull off if you are always strapped for time.
  • Allot Days Off – By working for longer hours each day, it will not be surprising if you experience burnout after a couple of weeks or months. This is why you must have days off, as well. Be sure to spend those well-deserved brief vacations to recharge your mind and body.
  • Get Permission From Your Company – Working two jobs at once might not be allowed by certain employers, so be sure to read your company's rules and regulations or coordinate with your manager or supervisor first before you apply for another freelance position. In most cases, having another part-time role at another company is allowed as long as both your employers are not direct competitors.
You Can Apply Even With Minimal Experience
Almost anyone can apply for flexible jobs in Singapore. This kind of setup is highly beneficial for:

  • Students – If you are a student who wants to earn extra income to buy books or pay for your daily expenses, it's a good idea to apply for a flexible job. This way, you can ensure that your work will not distract you from your studies. You can take days off if you have tests or special classes that you can't miss.
  • Fresh Graduates – Flexible schedules benefit people who just graduated and are still looking for companies to apply to. While carving their own career path, they can temporarily work part-time to earn the money they need before getting a full-time position.
  • Career Shifters – Those planning to make a major career shift can apply for flexible positions, too. This is a good way for them to earn enough experience and prepare themselves for the tasks they will take on in the future.
  • Retirees – Active senior citizens can apply for a flexible working job to earn some supplemental income. Since they can control their work schedule, they can take frequent days off if they wish to rest.
  • Professionals – Any professional will surely benefit from having a flexible working schedule. This kind of setup allows them to earn higher incomes or have more time for themselves and their loved ones.
These are just some of the benefits of having a flexible working schedule in Singapore. If you're looking for an employer that offers flexible schedules, FastJobs is here to help. Check out our job listings today to see if there are any hiring positions that pique your interest.
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