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Top 12 High-Paying Night Shift Jobs in Singapore
Are you a night owl? If you find that you prefer working while everyone else is asleep, check out these night shift jobs that pay well and require minimal experience!
Working at night certainly has its perks, some of which include better pay, fewer distractions, and less competition. Read on to find out what are some high-paying night shift jobs in Singapore that you can consider!
Warehouse Night Shift Assistant
Being a warehouse night shift assistant is a fairly straightforward, no-frills gig. It can be physically demanding, but the exact nature of work is likely to depend on what kind of warehouse you end up working at.

Job scope:

  • Picking, packing, sorting, scanning
  • Keeping and maintaining records of inventory and stock in the warehouse
  • Authenticating the goods in the received shipments and taking note of any discrepancies
  • Coordinating the receiving and dispatch of goods with transporters and suppliers
  • Ensuring the proper handling and storage of goods and supplies
  • Following all safety regulations and legal documentation norms pertaining to warehousing

Estimated salary: $10 -$21/hour

Experience/Certification required
: Typically none unless required to operate specialised machinery such as forklifts.

Where to start applying
: FastJobs
Night Shift Clinic Assistant
Clinic assistant roles are usually in demand all-year-round. While most clinics operate on normal working hours basis, some clinics operate round-the-clock and therefore have a more defined night shift. Look around to find a role that suits you!

Job scope:

  • Receptionist duties
  • Attending to patients and performing front-desk duties such as patient registration, appointment scheduling, and billing
  • Administrative duties and paperwork filing such as insurance/MediSave claims, and issuing of medical certificates
  • Assisting the doctor during consultations if required

Estimated salary: $10-15/hour

Experience/Certification required: Typically no formal qualifications beyond O-levels are required. It's best that you're familiar with Microsoft suite, computer literate and comfortable interacting with strangers.

Where to start applying: FastJobs
Night Shift Security Guard
If you have obtained the required certification to be a security guard either at National Service or elsewhere, being a security guard can be a good night shift job to consider.

Job scope:

  • Monitoring and surveillance activities using video/audio systems for detecting and reporting security breaches
  • Administering access control and alarm monitoring systems for controlling access into sensitive and restricted areas
  • Responding to security incidents and emergencies and reporting such incidents to higher management as appropriate
  • Keeping a look out for threats of violence and terrorist activities to ensure safety and security
  • Ad hoc assignments issued by higher management

Estimated salary: $10-18/hour

Experience/Certification required: Requires a valid Police Licensing & Regulatory Department license

Where to start applying: FastJobs
Night Shift Professional Caregiver
If you have the right heart and mind to care for others, being a Professional Caregiver can be a meaningful way for you to assist others, while earning a competitive salary. Many families will require round-the-clock care for their loved ones, thus there will be families who require caregivers to monitor their loved ones while they are asleep. The good thing about this role is its flexibility, as you are able to slot in assignments whenever you are free throughout the day or night.

Job scope:

Assist with the activities of daily living for the people you are caring for, some of which may include:

  • Vital signs check
  • Oral medication reminder
  • Companionship
  • Grocery shopping & meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping for seniors
  • Personal hygiene care (e.g. showering, toileting)
  • Night caregiving
  • Check-in visits
  • Personal grooming

For night shift duties, your responsibilities will mainly be to ensure that the people you care for take their medication, assisting them with going to the toilet, and to monitor their vital signs throughout the night.

Estimated salary: Up to $19/hour

Experience/Certification required: No prior experience required. Care advisory team will advise on whether you will need any caregiver training.

Where to start applying: Homage | FastJobs
Night Shift Packer
Rather self-explanatory, night shift packer roles usually require you to help pack and sort items during the night, such as for order fulfilment.

Job scope:

  • Packing
  • Labelling
  • Loading & unloading
  • Sorting
  • Ad hoc duties as assigned by manage

Estimated salary: $10-20/hour

Experience/Certification required: Typically formal qualifications are not required. Experience with forklift or warehouse work will be viewed favourably.

Where to start applying: FastJobs
Airport Coordinator
Night shift work is par for the course for anyone working at the airport. Airport coordinators help to ensure that the airport runs smoothly in its operations whether hired by the airport itself or by the various businesses in the airport.

Job scope:

  • Directing and providing guidance to passengers at the airport taxi stand
  • Liaising with taxi companies if there is a shortage of taxi
  • Clearing trolleys from taxi bay

Estimated salary: $10-12/hour

Experience/Certification required: Typically formal qualifications are not required.

Where to start applying: Indeed
Night Shift Customer Service Ambassador
Many companies require customer service officers 24/7, especially in certain lines of work such as hospitality or online services.

Job scope:

  • Customer service
  • Administrative paperwork
  • Interaction with guests/clients
  • Receptionist duties
  • Ad hoc work as assigned

Estimated salary: $10-15/hour

Experience/Certification required: Typically no hard requirements for formal qualifications but prior experience will be favourably looked upon.

Where to start applying: Indeed | LinkedIn | JobStreet | MyCareersFuture
Night Shift Call Centre Agent
Whether it's a hotline or a customer service call centre, there's always a need for someone to be available, especially for pressing needs.

Job scope:

  • Attending to calls and replying to emails promptly while providing accurate and timely information, alternatives and solutions to clients on products and services
  • Responding to client queries and concerns with the aim of achieving first call resolution.
  • Promptly follow up with customers to resolve issues
  • Conveying customer' feedback to relevant parties and business associates to improve customer experience
  • Introduce clients to or provide education regarding products and services
  • Perform after- call administration work
  • Use customer service and sales skills to maximise customer satisfaction of each customer contact
  • Capitalise on opportunities to deepen customer relationship via upsell or cross-sell appropriate products and services

Estimated salary: $8-12/hour

Experience/Certification required: Basic diploma or degree, basic English and communication skills are typically preferred.

Where to start applying: Indeed | LinkedIn | JobStreet | MyCareersFuture
Night Shift Driver
Night shift drivers may be required for routine deliveries to long-haul transportation, especially since the roads are less congested at night.

Job scope:

  • Deliver goods and services, or provide transportation as scheduled
  • Follow assigned routing
  • Basic vehicle maintenance

Estimated salary: $10-15/hour

Experience/Certification required: Relevant Class 3 or vehicular license as required by employers.

Where to start applying: Indeed | LinkedIn | JobStreet | MyCareersFuture
Now that the pandemic situation is under control and night spots are slowly reopening, many night life establishments have been putting out job postings for bartenders.

Job scope:

  • Preparing drinks and serving to customers
  • Preparation work for opening and closing operations
  • Managing food hygiene
  • Assist coworkers as and when needed
  • Ad hoc duties as requested or needed

Estimated salary: $10-15/hour

Experience/Certification required: Typically no hard requirements but experience in the F&B sector is looked favourably upon.

Where to start applying: Indeed | LinkedIn | JobStreet | MyCareersFuture
Night Maintenance Technician
There's always demand for night shift maintenance work across all industries so if a more technical job is up your alley, you may want to consider being a night shift maintenance technician.

Job scope:

  • Planning and performing maintenance and troubleshooting as scheduled
  • Ad hoc maintenance duties as necessary
  • Ensuring high safety standards

Estimated salary: $15-20/hour

Experience/Certification required: Exact certification required depends on what industry you're looking for. Be sure to check if you need specialised skills or certification such as electrical engineering or soldering skills.

Where to start applying
: Indeed | LinkedIn | JobStreet | MyCareersFuture
Night Shift Cleaner
Many offices and buildings require cleaners to tidy and clean up the area after working hours.

Job scope

  • General area cleaning
  • Cleaning toilets and other premise amenities
  • Responding to messes on premise

Estimated salary: $9-12/hour

Experience/Certification required: Typically no hard formal qualifications are required.

Where to start applying: Indeed | LinkedIn | JobStreet | MyCareersFuture
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