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Learn more about our first Community Care Virtual Job Fair with AIC, our new 'FastLearn' section in the app, and many more exciting updates.

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July 2020 Updates
Community Care Virtual Job Fair
In partnership with Agency for Integrated Care (AIC),FastJobs launched our first Community Care Virtual Job Fair earlier in March. 9 participating employers received close to 9,000 job applications in a month across 55 job positions.

This holistic partnership included FastJobs' solution of event marketing, job postings, pre-scheduled, interviews, and on-the-day virtual queue management system to ensure a seamless hiring experience.

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Physical Kiosk to Mobile Device Screen
Our physical kiosk where you can apply for jobs via SMS!

We developed a touchscreen, physical screen solution, with a simplified SMS job application process to enhance the outreach of our job listings beyond the app. We've found that it's great for hiring events, and at physical spaces with high traffic like retail outlets, and community spaces.

For an extensive outreach, the kiosk screen can also be executed via mobile devices as well. Through customised QR codes that can be printed on posters or static digital posters to reach out to event attendees or neighbourhood residents.
Looking for new ways to engage jobseekers?
A meaningful partnership to improve the chances of getting Seniors hired. Centre for Seniors (CFS) and FastJobs have teamed up to launch a new mobile-optimized website that enables seniors to browse through the job opportunities and training courses available.

To maximize the website's user-friendliness for mature workers, a simple registration process is implemented for easy signups. We also incorporated a Resume Drop Off feature where jobseekers can upload their resume and CFS will follow up with facilitating the job-matching with potential employers.
Recognising deserving individuals with the inaugural FastJobs Excellence Awards

At the end of May, we gave away awards in Lifelong Learner, Outstanding Service and Rockstar Rookie awards to recognise service & operational employees for their excellence in their respective fields.

For our first-ever edition, we received a total of 200 nominations and received more than 500 comments including the public voting. The winners walked away with prizes worth $3000 kindly sponsored by Training Vision Institute and Gnowbe.

The award winners were also covered on The New Paper and Money FM.
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Access flexible staffing with FastGig
Having a hard time filling your shifts, or looking for new ways to resolve manpower shortages? If you're looking for a flexible staffing solution where you'd like to deploy workers for shift-based work, and would like to tap into our pool of jobseekers looking for such flexible opportunities, try FastGig.

FastJobs will source, onboard, & manage them for better quality manpower. It's also easy to deploy - scheduling, attendance management and payout management will be managed by us. We've run a 3 month long pilot with a large retail chain, and deployed over 450 workers across 3 locations on a daily basis.

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