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5 Things that Mature Workers Bring to Your Company
Mature workers provide a great deal of experience and wisdom to businesses, and both FastJobs and Centre for Seniors (CFS) are pushing to drive awareness towards the hiring of seniors with www.silverjobs.sg. Together with CFS, we are working towards eradicating age-discrimination from all hiring landscapes in Singapore by highlighting how mature workers can be a major asset to businesses.
Hiring mature workers on SilverJobs
The website, www.silverjobs.sg, will enable seniors to browse through the job opportunities and training courses available that meet their job needs. The platform provides seniors with an easy-to-view interface that allows them to apply for relevant jobs and courses that fit their skills and requirements.

Working hand in hand, the next phase for FastJobs and CFS is to create a platform that removes age from the equation. It should allow mature workers to apply for any job without being concerned about their age and encourage employers to focus primarily on their work experience, skills, and education.
Need more convincing on why you should hire mature workers? Read on to find out more.
They can act as mentors
With age and time often come wisdom and experience. Mature workers possess knowledge and valuable work experience that can be passed down to younger generations within a company. No amount of training can replace real-life mentoring from a mature worker.
They are loyal employees
Businesses look for stability in employees which means minimized staff turnover and securing skilled employees who are in for the long run. Mature workers are usually looking for stability themselves, and are less inclined to move out of the company.

As they are usually more settled in their lives outside of work, mature workers can provide more stability and reliability than younger employees. Their commitment to their lives in and out of work will be beneficial to companies looking for hardworking employees.
They have strong work ethics
Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said in June this year that mature workers "are a hard-working and vigorous generation, who have accumulated valuable skills and experience over the years, and still have many good years ahead of them".

Mature workers have developed a good sense of responsibility and work ethic over the years of experience and carry the hardworking attitude to their jobs. Their industrious attitude can rub off on fellow workers, thus improving the productivity of all employees on a whole.
They have strong work ethics
Through years of experience working with different people and personalities, mature workers have evolved to be effective communicators. They understand how to get their ideas across well and are usually not afraid to voice their opinions.

Mature workers can help raise key issues in work processes and even help to improve them. Furthermore, their communication skills can rub off on other employees, encouraging them to give their inputs as well.
They make the workplace more diverse
Having a diverse workforce allows for knowledge sharing between different age groups with varying mindsets and experiences. Mature employees can bring a great deal of wisdom and life experience to their workplace.

Having a diverse and all-rounded environment in the workplace allows employees to thrive and grow. Additionally, from a customer relation standpoint, mature workers are more likely to relate to and communicate with older customers.
Partnering with CFS on SilverJobs
At FastJobs, we're excited to have the opportunity to work with CFS on expanding our focus on providing seniors with efficient access to job opportunities. We feel that mature workers can be a major asset to businesses and are working towards eradicating age-discrimination from all hiring landscapes in Singapore.

This partnership gives up the chance to reach out to a larger group of mature jobseekers and allows us to connect them to reliable employers and training providers.
If you are looking to hire mature workers for their experience, stability, and skills, click here to post a job on SilverJobs.
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