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5 Useful Tips for Writing Effective Job Descriptions
Companies prize employees as one of their greatest assets, which is why effective recruitment is so important. Knowing how to write a concise but detailed job description (JD) goes a long way in attracting jobseekers to apply to your listing. Information is key but it is how we present it that makes the difference. Here are 5 things you can incorporate into your JDs to make your listing really stand out.
List Down Relevant Requirements
Before laying down plans for recruitment practices, consider the following:
What are your hiring demographics?
What are the soft/hard skills needed?
What level of language command is needed?
Ensure that all relevant requirements are stated in your JD as it acts as a pre-filter for jobseekers, where only qualified candidates are likely to apply. Once finalized, this is where FastJobs comes in handy. Our app helps you filter jobseekers based on their skills, language proficiency, and availability, which further speeds up the hiring process.
Extra Tip
Here are some requirements you might want to consider including:
Working Hours
Employment Status
Clear-cut Job Listings
Every jobseeker has experienced the hassle of understanding confusing job postings which takes a negative toll on one's company image. Tackle this by using easy-to-understand terms to list out job requirements clearly.
Extra tip
Only include "must-have" requirements rather than "nice-to-have" ones.

When too many requirements are listed, this may potentially deter job seekers from applying simply because they do not meet all of your requirements.
Include Important Information
To push your applicant submission counts up, make sure your location is made known to jobseekers. Many jobseekers will take location into account, hence, including the location can draw in nearby candidates.
Extra tip
FastJobs allows you to conveniently tag MRT stations nearest to you, which allows your job listings to be searched by location. Bid goodbye to poor online traffic, job seekers near you will definitely chance upon your job listing!
Staff Benefits
Job seekers will keep their eyes peeled for the following, so ensure that these are listed on your job postings: staff discounts, insurance policies, or retirement plans.
Since competition for jobs is ever-rising, including attractive salaries will draw attention to your posting.
Employee Leaves
Job seekers want to be granted flexible leave to establish a work-life balance.
With the above information, it beefs up your job listing with inviting payouts, ultimately cutting down queries received regarding these pointers.
Be Transparent
Emerging into the new generation of job searching, more companies are bringing once-secret information to light, such as salary payouts. Statistically, 52% of job seekers mentioned that the number one frustration during the job search was the lack of response from employers.

Avoid including information that may not be true or misinformed details just to attract more applicants. In the long run, jobseekers may not trust your ads if they are constantly misinformed.
Extra tip
When it comes to good-to-have information, weigh the pros and cons of including such information and whether or not it might deter applicants from applying. For example, if you prefer someone with experience but are open to training an inexperienced candidate, consider omitting experience requirements.
Choosing the Right Platforms for Your Job Posting
In this age of digitalization, online platforms are the most accessible for most. Be it on mobile or on one's computer, FastJobs allows your job postings to be viewed virtually anywhere, anytime.

Plan for your Interviews. That's right, job seekers are not the only people that need to prepare for interviews. Before the actual planning phase, you can read our article on preparing for virtual interviews with candidates.

FastJobs helps schedule interviews for you. If you are worried about facing difficulty in arranging interviews with potential employees, this problem will be flawlessly tackled when you choose to list your jobs on FastJobs. Scheduling interviews is as simple as choosing the date, time and location of the interview and it will automatically be synced to the applicant's end.
Schedule 3 times as many interviews as you would plan to have. This will increase your chances of securing the right candidate as you would have back up candidates in the unfortunate event that any of your candidates do not show up.

Once the interviews are scheduled, be sure to confirm the interview multiple times with the candidate. Go that extra mile to ensure that your prospective candidates show up on time and ready to be interviewed. This also allows the candidate to reschedule their interview if they are unable to make the initial arrangement.

With FastJobs, you can schedule your interviews with great ease by simply using our "Schedule Interview" tool that is available in the Employer's Dashboard. Avoid the dreaded "ghostings" by simply following these steps!
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